Meet Makenzie Danielle, a 10 year old BOSS! Makenzie is an Honor Roll Student, Praise Dancer and USAG Gymnast. Since her mom is a serial entreprenuer and always had her working in some way in all of her businesses, it was only natural that Makenzie would soon want her own. And at the ripe old age of FIVE she began to ask for her own business! But mom waited a year to see if she was serious and that's when 'Woop Woop, My Hair Looks Fabulous' was born. She even named the business herself! So, here we are selling everything from hair accessories, edge control, hair oils and kids masks! Makenzie uses the funds to pay for her gymnastics career (to cover fees, uniforms, private lessons, travel expenses and SNACKS)! She has been a vendor at multiple church and community events, she's been on FM radio being interviewed live on the air about being a kidprenuer and even modeled in a fashion show! Mimi is a natural born leader, kind, respectful and about her COINS! She has everything she needs to take the business world by storm!
Been Training Since 3
Makenzie spent years working with her mom building and learning how to be self reliant. She often took center stage and took selling to another level. Makenzie is very hands on and comes up with what she wants to do.
USAG Gymnast
A gymnast since 4 years old, Makenzie understands hard work and discipline. Spending her time perfecting, studying and expanded her passion. She knows what she wants and makes no apology for it!

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